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For updated information related to travel conditions and restrictions applicable in the context of the pandemic, please access the link below:



The USA, Israel, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most European countries citizens do not need a visa to visit Romania (up to 90 days); a valid passport is required for all overseas or non-EU visitors.

Entry or transit visas may be obtained from the diplomatic and consular offices of Romania abroad by all those having valid passports, recognized by the Romanian state. Applicants must prove they have the means to financially support themselves for their stay in Romania. Entry or extension visa fees must be paid in Euros or US Dollars.  Visas can also be obtained at Bucharest International Airport on arrival and at frontier points.



Romania applies the international regulations of the Convention concerning Customs Facilities for Touring. High-value goods - jewelry and foreign currency - must be declared when entering the country. Endorsed customs declarations must be kept as they are required when leaving the country. It is forbidden to import, unless with a special license, lei (Romanian currency), ammunition, explosives, narcotics, pornographic material. It is forbidden to export items of cultural, historic or artistic value. Car drivers must have relevant car documents, including Green Card and personal driving license. Anti-rabies vaccination certificates are required for cats and dogs.