Nature, landscapes, people: Balneary Resorts & Spa towns

Eforie Nord

Situated 14 km away from Constanța, this resort was built between 1901 and 1912. Having over 16.000 accommodation places, Eforie Nord has a special charm, due to its hotels and villas built along the cliff, surrounded by green oasis.

Eforie Sud

Eforie Sud is a beautiful & peaceful resort, situated 18 km south of Constanța, with a wonderful 2 km long fine sand Riviera beach. Between the two World Wars it was called "Carmen Sylva", after the literary pseudonym of Queen Elisabeth of Romania.


Techirghiol is situated in the SE extremity of Romania (Constanta county), on the shore of Lake Techirghiol (12 sq. km), elevation 15-20 m, 16 km south of Constanta, close to the Black Sea (3 km).

Baile Felix

One of the largest balneary resorts in Romania, Băile Felix is located in Bihor County, 8 km far from Oradea and 22 km from Borș (Hungarian border).

Baile Herculane Spa

Băile Herculane, an ancient therapeutical resort has an exceptional historical heritage.

Covasna Mt.

Known as the "town of 1,000 mineral springs", Covasna is famous for its mineral waters.

Sovata, Ursu Lake

Sovata is a resort for all seasons, recognized throughout Europe since 1850. Between the World Wars, Sovata was one of the most fashionable spas in Romania, even the Romanian Royal Family has visited it several times.