Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea Coast is a true "Promised Land", which lies in Constanța County, on a length of 244 km in total. The Wonderful Romanian Riviera benefits of the special charm of the Black Sea (the 3rd largest European sea in surface and the 2nd in depth), low salinity (17-18 ‰ at the shore) and the water temperature of 20°-25°C. All the beaches are east oriented.


Mamaia is known as the "Pearl of the Romanian Riviera", 3 km away from Constanta, and offers over 20,000 accomodation places in more than 60 hotels. The resort is located between the Siutghiol Lake and the Black Sea. The landmarks of Mamaia are the wide beaches with fine sand, stretching over 8 km long and 100 m wide, and the hotels are very close to the beach.

Eforie Nord

Situated 14 km away from Constanța, this resort was built between 1901 and 1912. Having over 16.000 accommodation places, Eforie Nord has a special charm, due to its hotels and villas built along the cliff, surrounded by green oasis.

Eforie Sud

Eforie Sud is a beautiful & peaceful resort, situated 18 km south of Constanța, with a wonderful 2 km long fine sand Riviera beach. Between the two World Wars it was called "Carmen Sylva", after the literary pseudonym of Queen Elisabeth of Romania.


Techirghiol is situated in the SE extremity of Romania (Constanta county), on the shore of Lake Techirghiol (12 sq. km), elevation 15-20 m, 16 km south of Constanta, close to the Black Sea (3 km).


Costinești, considered the "youth resort", or "summer festivals capital" was & is a holiday destination for the young people. In its early days, in 1949, this was the location where the first youth camp was established.

Olimp, Belvedere Hotel

The two resorts, Olimp & Neptun, are amongst the newest Romanian beach resorts, built as leisure sites for the rich of the communist period after 1972, and are situated 38 km from Constanța and 9 km from Mangalia.


Jupiter is a resort located 40 km south from Constanța and 4 km north from Mangalia, between a forest and Comorova’s seashore, offering a wide range of inexpensive hotels, campsites and private accomodations.

Venus (I)

This resort is located between Saturn and Cap Aurora, 3 km from Mangalia and 41 km south from Constanța. Venus is under the urban administration & development dept. of Mangalia.


Saturn is the most southern resort on the Romanian coast line, situated between Venus (North) and Mangalia (South).