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Sutu Palace, Bucharest

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Situated in the centre of Bucharest, the Sutu Palace shelters since 1958 the Museum of Bucharest City.

Sutu Palace is one of the oldest boyar palaces in Bucharest, and it belonged to the Sutu family (Greek origins). It was built between 1833 and 1835, by the wealthy merchant Costache Sutu, who commissioned the work to two Viennese architects: Conrad Schwinck and Johann Veit, who designed a palace with turrets in Neo-Gothic style, with one floor and several rooms, with four towers, on each side of the building. The majestic, wide and high entrance, as well as the large windows contrast with the narrow windows of the Romanian older houses. The monumental stair in the lobby is impressive and was later built by the renowned sculptor Karl Stork.

The luxury of Sutu Palace was well acknowledged and admired by the elite of the beginning of XIXth century; the ball dances organized and held in the building pretty much rivaled those held in the Royal Palace.