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Eforie Sud

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Profile: recreation-rheumatology

Curing factors: solar marine cure, sapropel mud, cold and hot baths, sulfur baths for rheumatic, gynaecological and skin conditions.

Eforie Sud

Eforie Sud is one affordable resort on the Romanian sea coast, situated between Eforie Nord (North), Tuzla (South), and Techirghiol Lake (W); 18 km far from Constanta.
The beach is the narrowest among all the beaches of the Romanian sea side, the cliff is very high and the beach access is made by staircases. On the northern part of the resort there is a 2 km long high-quality sand beach.

Eforie Sud is a beautiful and peaceful resort, offering superb panoramas, and prices are low compared to other resorts.

The main attraction in Eforie Sud are the “Baile Reci” (Cold Baths) mud baths, modern facilities.

The resort stands out through a lime promontory and a high cliff, offering the opportunity to see a great panorama of the entire resort. Other tourist attractions: outdoor theater, water sports.