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Turda Gorges, Cluj county

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Cliffs for nature-lovers

The Turda Gorges are a magnificent rock formation that will surely amaze the nature lovers. They certainly count among the most beautiful and impressive gorges in Romania, a beautiful karst landscape that stretches more than 3 km alongside a river. 

Trekking, uphill-walking or hiking is not difficult, the tourists can walk along one side or the other of the cliffs, see the deep white water stream below in the canyon, cross suspended bridges, and will be reaching the other end of the gorges after a 1 Km walk.

Both sides of the gorges will amaze the tourists with the 250 meters high rocks, deep in which 32 caves are to be found. The shere cliffs are suitable for climbing and, due to the incredible beauty of the landscape, paragliding fans are attracted here too.

The gorges display a rich flora and fauna: one can find here plants belonging to the lower-Alpine, Black Sea region, Pannonian prairie, and even ancient ice-age period species, alongside with rare insects and birds.