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Turda Salt Mine

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Turda Salt Mine - the coolest underground place in the world

Turda Salt Mine

Turda Salt Mine was included in "10 Of The Coolest Underground Places In The World", and also on the 22nd place of "Unbelievable travel destinations in the world" by "Business Insider", in 2014. 

One of the most important salt exploitation in Transylvania, started by the Romans (Potaissa was Turda's name in Latin) and after that hand-excavated since the XIIIth century — first mentioned in a document as early as 1075 — the massive Turda Salt Mines, located in the vicinity of Cluj-Napoca city is nowadays a subterranean museum and a modern recreational center (hosting basketball hoops, mini-golf course, Ferris wheel, and an underground lake where the tourists can go boating on).
Those with allergies and asthma will be especially interested in the mine’s halotherapy spa facilities, which uses ionized air, pressure, and humidity in the salt-lined caves to treat persistent respiratory problems.