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Bucharest, the capital of Romania

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Bucharest is a stylish and colourful capital, full of beautiful places, some of them out of sight: lovely churches & monasteries, interesting museums and cultural edifices. The city is permanently changing offering a unique urban environment: spectacular interbellic architecture mixed with XXIst century glass & steel buildings of various aspects.

Around the 1900's Bucharest attractions made it earn the title "Little Paris", due to its beautiful Belle Epoque buildings, large boulevards tree-lined, and its highlife, artists, musicians, writers & painters. Nowadays the city proudly displays its history and diversity, a mix of old and new - Bucharest is a vibrant metropolis, modern & dinamic, who is recovering fast from the scars left by the communist regime.


The Old Centre (Lipscani District) is the place to discover the capital's charm - restaurants, pubs, clubs - a part of the city that never rests. For tasty food go into two beautiful historic restaurants: the Beer Cart (Caru' cu Bere), opened since 1879, or Manuc's Inn. 

The Arch of Triumph is a monument built in 1922 to honour the Romanian soldiers who fought in World War I.

Victoriei Avenue is the most charming and oldest street, built initially to connect the Old Princely Court with the Mogosoaia Palace, and some of the most beautiful buildings in the city are built along it: the Cantacuzino Palace, the Military Club, the CEC Headquarters, the National History Museum.

On one side of the Revolution Square stands the former Royal Palace (now home for the National Art Museum), the stunning Romanian Athenaeum - the capital's cultural landmark, the historic Athenee Palace Hotel; and also the small but beautiful Kretzulescu Church.

Bucharest's main communist legacy has reshaped an entire district in the 1980's, as a result the Civic Centre (8 km2) - a modern concrete buildings with marble façades complex along a boulevard was built, with its centrepiece: the Parliament House, the second largest administrative building in the world, which is a huge complex boasting 12 stories, 100 meters-long lobby, huge halls, 1.100 dazzling rooms, and 4 underground levels including an enormous bunker, hosting the works of Romania's best artisans.



If the tourists want to enjoy other attractions than the historical buildings and architecture, Bucharest's "green feature" is also tempting.

Bucharest's most beautiful and popular gardens & parks are:

Cismigiu Garden - it is the oldest park opened for the public in Bucharest's central area (1860), designed by a famous German landscape specialist, Carl Meyer. The Cismigiu Garden has over 30.000 trees & plants, the local ones brought here from all over Romania, as well as other imported exotic plants;

Herastrau Park - the largest park (187 hectares, including the Herastrau Lake - 74 hectares), who has a lot of attractions for the people - boat rentals, tennis courts, traditional & fancy restaurants near the lake; 

Botanical Garden - an amazing place and a great public attraction, opened in 1891, it is hosting over 5.000 species of local plants and other varieties collected around the world.


Bucharest is one of the coolest capitals in Europe, an undiscovered gem in Eastern Europe mainly because the people living in it, who know how to have fun and enjoy life. If you visit Bucharest you can enjoy the city's atmosphere, feel its history and diversity, see the beautiful people, hear the newest hits and feel the nightlife pulse. Enjoy amazing clubs and taste the delicious food & drinks in the best traditional and international restaurants.

The regular people living in this city are unbelievably friendly, open minded, and laid back; the traditional Romanian food is excelent and can be tasted everywhere in the city; the history & culture lovers have a lot of opportunities to explore; the party seekers can head into the Lipscani District with its vast array of pubs, restaurants and clubs.

Affordable drinks, food & fun, this city offers plenty of options for all the budgets and tastes: Bucharest is the place to be !