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Eforie Nord

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Eforie Nord

Profile: recreation-rheumatology

Curing factors: salt water, marine salt water & sapropel mud from Techirghiol Lake, marine bioclimate rich in saline aerosoles and solar radiation stimulating the organism.

Therapeutic indications: degenerative rheumatic condition, inflammatory rheumatic diseases, abarticular rheumatic diseases, posttraumatic conditions, peripheral neuropathy, central nervous system disorders, skin diseases and associated conditions.

Treatment facilities: warm baths in hot tubs or basins with concentrated salt water from the Techirghiol Lake or marine salt water, with the possibility of medical recovery; hot tubs with mud and hot body wraps with mud; installation for gynaecological treatment; aerosol installations; basins for physical therapy; complex installations for electro- and hydrotherapy; medical gymnastics; medical massage; sauna.


The resort is known for its therapeutic tourism. EFOSAN Sanatorium is one of its landmarks and one of the most important establishments for physical therapy in Romania. The Sanatorium specializes in treating degenerative and inflammatory rheumatic diseases, peripheral neuropathy, circulation disorders, skin diseases, obesity, respiratory conditions, infertility, rickets, neuroasthenia but also metabolism disorders and beauty treatments using world renown Romanian beauty products, like Gerovital, Boicil, Alflutop. Open all season, the clinics are provided with state of the art diagnosis and treatment equipment.

Another treament center is “Ana Aslan Health Spa” the biggest health center in Romania. This Spa offers treatment and anti-aging packages based on the concept developed by Dr. Ana Aslan, as well as procedures using sapropel mud from the Techirghiol Lake and salty water from the diferrent lakes.

Marina Europa Yacht Club” is an attraction point for thoses who are passionate about sailing.

Dreaming about an unforgettable night? Your dream may come true! The Romanian restaurant “Nunta Zamfirei” ("Zamfira’s Wedding") stages folk shows, Romanian wedding ceremonies inspired by the local traditions.

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