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General info

Profile: rheumatology

Geography: coast line

Climate: moderate-continental with marine influences

Elevation: 15-20 m

Summer temperature: 25° C

Winter temperature: 5° C

Nearby cities: Constanța 22 km, București (Bucharest) 244 km

Distance from major cities: Cluj-Napoca 644 km, Timișoara 774 km, Sibiu 531 km, Baia Mare 744 km, Oradea 780 km, Arad 786 km, Suceava 529 km.

Curing factors: concentrated saltwater and fossil sapropel from Techirghiol Lake; stimulating steppe bioclimate with marine influences.

Nearby airport: Constanța "Mihail Kogălniceanu" International Airport 39 km

Other attractions: The Gura Dobrogei Caves (speleology, paleontology, geology complexe and fauna reserve).

Therapeutic indications: degenerative rheumatic condition (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis); inflammatory rheumatic diseases (articular allergy caused by acute articular rheumatology of focal infections, spondylitis deformans, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis after surgical orthopedic interventions); abarticular rheumatic diseases (tendinosis, tendonisis, tenoperiostitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis); posttraumatic conditions (posttraumatic articular stiffness, postoperative dysfunctions of muscles, tendons, arthrosis and bones; sprains, dislocations and fractures); peripheral neuropathy (paralysis and posttraumatic paresis of the limbs, polyneuropathy after the acute phase, sequalae of polyradiculoneuropathy and poliomyelitis); conditions of the nervous system (consequential paraplegia 3 months after onset of myelitis, posttraumatic paraplegia at minimum 3 months after onset, paraplegia caused by arachnoiditis); gynaecological conditions (ovarian insufficiency, chronic cervicitis, chronic metrosalpingitis, secondary infertility, sequalae caused by genital tuberculosis within 2 to 3 years after stabilization); skin diseases; associated conditions (ENT, cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolism and nutrition, respiratory, occupational diseases).

Treatment facilities: warm baths in hot tubs or basins with concentrated salt water from the Techirghiol Lake, with the possibility of medical recovery; aerosol installations; hot tubs with mud and hot body wraps with mud; installations for electro- and hydrotherapy; medical gymnastics and medical massage.

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