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Sovata is a resort for all seasons, recognized throughout Europe since 1850.

General info

Profile: rheumatology, gynaecology

Geography: plateau

Climate: temperate continental (subalpine)

Elevation: 500 m

Summer temperature: 16°C

Winter temperature: 1°C

Nearby cities:  Targu Mureș 44 km, Bucharest 343 km, Cluj-Napoca 150 km, Timișoara 414 km, Sibiu 146 km, Baia Mare 213 km, Oradea 278 km, Arad 397, Suceava 207 km.

Curing factors: high concentration sodium-chloride mineral water of heliothermal lakes, with a water temperature ranging between 30°-40°C at 1 meter depth and between 40°–50° C at 1.5 meter depth, with a concentration of 40–250%; saprophelic mud from the lakes; bland bioclimate suited for convalescence.

Nearby airport: Targu Mureș "Transilvania" International Airport, 44 km.

Other attractions: Praid (salt mine and salt mountain), Mining Museum, Corund (glazed pottery), Sighișoara Medieval Citadel, XIVth-XVIth century); ski slopes and slides approximately 14 km away.


Therapeutic indications: gynaecological diseases, degenerative rheumatoid diseases, inflammatory rheumatoid diseases, rheumatoid diseases, posttraumatic diseases, peripheral neuropathy, associated diseases (endocrine diseases, cardiovascular diseases, asthenic neurosis, metabolic and nutritional diseases and occupational diseases).

Treatment facilities: Hot mineral saltwater baths in tubs and pools; warm mud wraps; gynaecological treatments (vaginal irrigations using mineral water and vaginal mud tampons); kinetotherapy pools; electro- and hydro-therapy, medical gymnastics, medical massage; aeroheliotherapy and outdoor baths in the Ursu lake (a unique lake in Europe, its helio-thermal and salty water has exquisite therapeutical effectsand Aluniș lake.