Hotels list in Mures, Sighisoara

Hotel SIGHISOARA, built in 1520, a former presbytery and city hall, still preserves the traces of ancient nobles (conference room's 1575 hunting paintings, the architecture and diverse furniture in each room). Situated in the citadel's heart, surrounded by old houses & towers, Hotel Sighisoara offers its guests a mystical medieval atmosphere in a 3-stars luxury facilities.

The hotel "CAVALER" is located only 200 meters away from the Sighisoara Citadel, a medieval stronghold part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

"Binder Bubi" hotel is located in the center of Sighisoara, 5 minutes away from the medieval citadel.

The Central Park Hotel is located in the centre of Sighisoara, only 2 minutes away from the beautiful medieval citadel.